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The brand "Troekurovo" for 8 years unites 4 enterprises "PRODO Poultry Farm Kaluzhskaya", "PRODO Poultry Farm Siberian", Production Complex "PRODO Tyumen Broiler", Production Complex "PRODO Tyumen Broiler". "PRODO Poultry Farm Kaluzhskaya" is one of the largest in the Kaluga region and one of the largest broiler growing enterprises in Russia, which has been operating for more than 30 years. The poultry farm supplies fresh chicken meat of the highest quality to the Kaluga region, Moscow and the Moscow region. Especially for the "Poultry Farm Kaluzhskaya" was developed a business game "I am an accountant", which included the most relevant issues for study. The business game was attended by 18 accountants, including the chief accountant. The business game was practical, so throughout the time the participants performed different tasks: looking for errors in documents, solving a crossword puzzle, answering test questions and much more. In the course of the entire business game, the participants received explanations on their questions.